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Hello, I'm Deonté!

I am a proud father of two beautiful girls and passionate about positively impacting my community. Before my work in real estate and healthcare, I  was an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician and a volunteer firefighter. I am no stranger to hard work and I am committed to helping my community. As the Beautification Commissioner, I organize litter walks and district clean-ups and regularly attend community meetings in my current and surrounding districts. I also collaborate with neighboring districts to host events such as the Mayor's Spring Clean and Bulk Item Drop-offs. I understand many families' struggles and challenges in obtaining diverse and affordable housing. I am committed to advocating for equity and ensuring our residents can access the resources to thrive in our growing community. As your council member, I will continue to work hard to make our community a better place with E.A.S.E.

-Equity, Affordability, Safety & Education

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